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A Guide to Pet-Inspired Accessories for Wild Couples Play

When it comes to spicing up our sex lives, role play can be just the ticket! Allowing us to shed our inhibitions and step out of our day-to-day identity, it can be one of the best ways to take sex from routine to mind-blowing. When folks think of role play, they often envision French maid outfits, naughty nurses, or sexy plumbers, but what if instead of slipping on thigh-highs and stilettos, you suited up with a collar and leash?

Puppy play may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of sexy time, but those in the know will tell you that it can provide the ultimate in role play fun. Retailers who are knowledgeable about and comfortable with this playful and popular kink can help their customers feel at home while they shop, which can equal big sales! There’s a huge array of accessories available to support a whole range of play styles.

Puppy play enables participants to let go of their inhibitions as they adopt qualities of a dog such as playing fetch, walking on all fours, or even climbing into a crate.

What is puppy play?

Puppy play requires that one participant play the role of trainer and at least one other participant (possibly more) take on the role of puppy or “pup.” As with any form of role play, puppy play enables participants to let go of their inhibitions as they adopt qualities of a dog such as playing fetch, walking on all fours, or even climbing into a crate.

There are some important things to remember about puppy or pet play. First off, it does not involve actual animals — the participants are the animals! Secondly, it may feature sexual elements but not necessarily; this varies depending on participant preferences. Finally, it is distinct from being a “furry,” which is the name for role play in which participants typically wear full-body animal suits.

Why are people into puppy play?

Pups live in the moment; they pursue the most basic creature comforts free from the restrictions of language. Role playing as a pup is not only completely unique, it can actually lead to deep and profound feelings of freedom and vulnerability that we don’t experience in our stressful everyday lives or even in more typical roles. Playing as a happy, adored and carefree pup and expressing only animal desires gives participants the chance to achieve a state similar to what BDSM practitioners refer to as “subspace.”

Let’s not forget the trainers, though! There’s plenty for them to enjoy, too. Not only do they get to explore the control and dominance they have over their pup, they also get to experience the companionship, loyalty and unconditional love that only a pup can offer. Being a trainer can be very rewarding and enjoyable.

Is it hard to play like a pup?

No! Sure, it takes a healthy imagination but there’s a wide range of puppy play gear to help you get into character. As anyone with any kind of role play experience will tell you, the right accessories can really make the experience real and pet play is no exception!

To help pups transform themselves, they often rely on accessories beyond a leash and collar. Full-face hoods completely cover a person’s head, giving them the appearance of a pup while also allowing them to really drop into the experience of playing the role. There are also sexy accessories that replicate the look of having a tail, as well as paw-like mitts, feeding dishes, and signature leashes and collars that can help prospective pups get into the groove.

Is puppy play considered BDSM?

Possibly. It really depends on what participants enjoy. Puppy play can incorporate lots of praise and cuddles for an experience that is more tender and nurturing. That play style involves dominance and submission, without incorporating rougher BDSM elements.

That said, puppy play can also incorporate a heaping helping of sadomasochism when trainers incorporate discipline devices.

Though it may not be what immediately comes to mind when couples think of role play, puppy play might be just the ticket for adding some satisfying spice to their sex lives. Finding the right gear to set the mood can help prospective pups and trainers — i.e. your shoppers — see how satisfying puppy play can be.

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